Project Description

Product Description

Added with passion to satisfy, sleep has never been better with Goodnite mattress. Introducing Severo, the latest product from the bedding expert utilises unsurpassed natural resources created for your comfort and health.

Poises for ergonomic comfort, Severo features 5-Turn Posture Spring and Coco Fiber Foam Block that support your body weight firmly. With Statfree anti-static fabric playing an essential role in draining electron disturbance, feel free to luxuriate in your comfortable bedroom every blissful night for total relaxation

Key features

Spring System Posture Spring System: It provides firm posture support to your back.
Comfort Layer High Density Foam: An additional layer to provide the perfect level of comfort.
Top Upholstery Patented StatFree™ Fabric: With latest Belgium technology, it helps to discharge your body static for a tranquil rest.
Special Features Natural Coconut Fiber: Natural firmness allows good blood circulation.Edge Support: Which fortifies four sides of the mattress prevents horizontal shaking and improves durability.

Stylish Border Design: Provide a stylish and fashion-forward look to your mattress.


Warranty 12 years