Project Description

Product Description

You deserve the natural touch in sleep rhapsody, from the best of all bedding brought to you by Goodnite. Surrender your senses as Angelo mattress relieves you from stress and statics towards the finest way of living.

Excellently manufactured for restful pleasure, Angelo’s 5-Zone Pocketed Spring System and Memory Foam are the uncompromised distinctions that offer superior resilience in high quality sleep. With the proprietary spring system evens out body weight, expect plushy softness with firmness feel in the excellent body countouring ability.

Key features

Spring System 5 Zone Individual Pocket Spring System: Provide exceptional motion separation and zoning back support while conforming to your body’s unique shape.
Comfort Layer High Density Memory Foam: provides pressure relief, freedom of movement and a comfortable sleeping temperature.
Top Upholstery Patented StatFree™ Fabric: With latest Belgium technology, it helps to discharge your body static for a tranquil rest.
Special Features 360° Air Ventilation Design: To enhance airflow through the mattressEdge Support: Which fortifies four sides of the mattress prevents horizontal shaking and improves durability.

Stylish Border Design: Provide a stylish and fashion-forward look to your mattress.

With 4 Convenient Handle designs.

Warranty 12 years